Welcome to Any Dog Rescue, where we help you find pain relief for dogs. We have reviewed many types of pain meds and natural home remedies so that we can tell you exactly what works and how to keep your dog from suffering as much.

How we choose the methods and products we recommend:

We have dealt with hundreds of dogs that have suffered from some sort of pain, either from an injury or just old age. There are many ways that we tried to helpĀ alleviate the pain that they were suffering from, however each dog reacted differently, so we kept looking. After a long time, we found the perfect product.

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What is the product?

It’s an all natural, homeopathic oral drop. This is great for many reasons, first being that you do not have to worry about dangerous chemicals entering your animals body, second the oral drops absorb quickly into their bloodstream via their mouth tissues. This allows you to give a correct dosage without causing any pain or unwillingness from your pet.

To find out more about our review of this product, you can go to our pain relief page.

We list the advantages of it as well as letting you know the major symptoms that you dog is most likely experiencing when it has joint paint.